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Halloween drawing 2013: your chance to win!

A friendly reminder! Check out our giveaway. Anyone can enter the drawing.

sCrypt Publishing

NovelsIt’s that time again!  Get your pens and brushes ready.  We are holding a contest drawing, so spread the word.  The winner will get a personalized autographed copy of one of Rick Pipito’s novels or a sCrypt comics graphic novel (winner’s choice of either.)  There are multiple ways to enter in the drawing.

1) Follow us here, on Twitter @rickpipito, and/or on facebook  Then let us know.  (the more places you follow us will give you extra chances to win.)

2) create a fan fiction horror piece short story.  This cannot exceed 1,000 words. (We will post this story with credit to you on our site) (Extra chances are gained if this is a fanfiction piece revolving around one of Rick’s novel stories)

3) submit a piece or multiple pieces of artwork to be displayed with credit to you on our site.  Art must be in the theme of…

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