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sCrypt Comics mentioned on Super Podcasto Podcast

If you haven’t listened to Super Podcasto Magnifico yet, then you are missing out.  SPM consists of three standup guys who talk about what we all love.  Their passion for comic books, video games and movies continues to grow a following each week.  Beginning in 2010, these guys take a humorous, yet serious look at what is going on in these worlds with each cast.

A couple of weeks ago, in episode #118, they spoke about the current Aquaman story arc and at the end, Squirrel mentioned his work in our lastest graphic novel “Bones At Breakfast: In Case of Werewolf,” and where you can get a copy (which we all know here).  Thanks for the plug, Squirrel.  It is also my priveledge to mention that Squirrel is also a contributing artist to next year’s sCrypt Graphic novel “Souls 4 Supper: Ghostly Hauntings.”

Go there now, and listen to their podcast, and make sure to scroll through their archives.  Even though they began in 2010, it is worth checking out some of the older stuff.  Plus, it is a fun and entertaining way to pass some time. .

Thanks Guys, and keep up the good work!  (And remember, I’m always up for a guest appearance to talk about that subject of the week) 🙂

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