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novel – Souls 4 Supper

Available in softback for $7.99 at

For the Kindle it is available for $3.99 at

Written by Rick Pipito; Cover art by Dan Pipito

A new beginning has been granted to all humanity.  After finding the Garden of Eden, illness and disease have been eradicated.  Order has been restored, but when a decision is made to seek out balance, the quest to find chaos begins.  As a damned soul struggles to make his return, Gordon Lightcap and his allies race to the lost city of Atlantis.  Will they arrive in time to prevent the opening of the legendary Pandora’s Box?  What dangers do they face and who can they trust? 

Join humanity in a plot that intertwines ten short stories of ghosty hauntings and revelations.  This is the world of “The Eternal Hunger Saga”  

** This is Book one of a new trilogy, but book 4 of a series.  If you have not read the first 3, then don’t worry, you can start here.  Previous books in this series include: “Flesh And Leftovers,” “Blood, The Second Helping,” and “Bones At Breakfast”. **

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