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Review: Prometheus

review by Rick Pipito

Ah, where do I begin?  Ridley Scott promised us answers with Prometheus.  He delivered.  What he failed to tell us was that a whole new batch of questions have come about.  If you don’t want to know any spoilers, then you should probably scroll down to the last paragraph now.  Otherwise, spoilers will be discussed.

First off, let’s talk about what this movie does to the existing universe of movies.  Because of the revelation of where the xenomorphs from the Alien movies originate, this story discredits both Alien Vs Predator movies.  Not that they were really considered canon, but they take place in modern day, whereas Prometheus takes place in 2092.  Of course this could be explained further in another Prometheus movie as to it happening before.  This also makes Alien Ressurection a much better movie.  The thought of the crossbred human/xenomorph was considered ridiculous by some, but now it would make more sense.

Another thing this movie does is really bring an origin to Alien.  This planet is obviously the planet that Ellen Ripley visits with her crew in Alien.  It also would explain a lot more about what happened, and we see a dead engineer in a chair.

Some people might be confused by the genetics questions.  Here is a little cheat sheet I came up with:  Engineers created the black ooze as a biological warfare weapon.  Engineers + Ooze = human;  Human + ooze = giant squid thing; Giant squid thing + Engineer = Alien xenomorph;  Xenomorph + Human = hybrid from Alien Ressurection.

That being said I have drawn a conclusion.  The squid thing, when it first came out, made me think of the face hugger from the Alien movies.  In Alien 1, the face hugger hatches from an egg, which starts it all.  Perhaps the squid thing laid the egg before these events.

What about the Weylands?  Take into account that Alien vs Predator happened.  Charles Bishop Weyland was in that movie as a human, and it is indicated that the android “Bishop” from the Alien movies was designed on his likeness.  That would give some credibility to the events in AVP then.  Confused?  It gets even worse.  We have to assume that Peter Weyland (Guy Pierce) in Prometheus is a descendant of Charles Weyland.  Since we know the fate of Bishop in the movies, then we have to ask about David’s (Michael Fassbender) fate.  He and Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) are seen flying to the Engineer’s homeworld in the end.  What happens to them?  This needs to be explained in another movie, or else what is the point?

Why did the Engineer commit suicide to create us in the beginning of the movie?  This is not explained, but what we can conclude is that they were dying as a race, and knew that to preserve their own legacy, they could create a new race of beings (human) on Earth.

So, if they created us, then why would they be planning to destroy us with the black ooze?  This is another moment where we have to wait for a potential sequel in the hopes of an answer.  In the same vein, why would the last Engineer try to kill us?  It is unclear as there are no subtitles as to what David says to the Engineer that makes him go berzerk.  By doing a little research online, I found a quote by Dr. Anil Biltoo, of the language center in London.  He claims that the language is based on a proto-Indo European dialect.

In Prometheus, David says: /ida hman?m a? kja nam?tuh zd?:taha/…/gh??vah-pjorn-?ttham sas da:t? kredah/

The serviceable translation to this is: ‘This man is here because he does not want to die. He believes you can give him more life’.

Okay, so I gathered that the Engineer became angry at this statement.  Why?  Humans were created by the Engineers.  They gave us life, and yet we ask for more.  Even worse is that we get our own creation (The android David) to ask for us, instead of doing it ourselves.  To the Engineer, this could be like a slap in the face.  It would be equivelant to us asking God for immortality.

Since I mentioned God, would extremely Religious people be pissed off about this movie?  Possibly, but they shouldn’t because Elizabeth Shaw has a moment where she is speaking about the crucifix she wears around her neck.  She is asked why she would still believe in God if they discovered otherwise.  Her response is the simple statement, “Well someone created the Engineers.”

One more issue I had was that the guy with the mohawk who owned the mapping orbs, was unable to make it back to the ship because he got lost.  It really makes no sense at all for this to happen.

In the end, what is my overall review of this movie?  I need more.  Sure, I’d welcome Alien 5 or even another AVP movie, but we NEED Prometheus 2.  There were just too many plot holes to leave it be.  Ridley Scott claims that he designed it as a two parter prequel, so hopefully it is in the works.  All in all, it was a really fun and interesting movie, that I give a 7 out of 10.


2 responses

  1. BruceBruce

    I loved the Alien movies, so as soon as my supervisor at DISH explained that Prometheus was the prequel I had to watch it. Although some of the mystery was alleviated in the end we are left with many more questions then answers. But I enjoyed the entire journey; especially the part where they meet one of the engineers now that you gave the translation. It makes sense why the engineer got mad. I agree that we NEED the sequel though. I can’t wait! Since I’ve been using Blockbuster at Home instead of going to the theaters I have been able to watch movies all month for the price of one ticket and this is has been the most mind bending by far.

    October 28, 2012 at 12:46 am

    • I’m curious, since you are a fan as I am of the whole franchise… how do you feel about the AVP movies, and crossing over with the Predator universe (as well as the Blade Runner possible crossover?

      October 28, 2012 at 11:15 am

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