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23 horrifying comics for Halloween time

It’s the month of October, and that means we are all gearing up for some Halloween fun.  So, what horrifying stories in comics should you include in your collection?  Here are the top 23 horror based comics that I own, and of course I highly recommend the top 3 for your collection immediately!   Enjoy.

#23: THE SHADOW OF THE TORTURER #2 (Innovation Comics).  This is based off of the novel by Gene Wolfe, and although it was cancelled after only 3 of 6 planned issues, the artwork within is outstanding.  It has a very gothic feel, and is very plot based.  Dialogue is intellegently written, and the frames laid out accordingly.

#22: THE FURY OF FIRESTORM THE NUCLEAR MAN #12 (DC Comics).  When Firestorm is affected by the same thing as the Hyena, he finds himself fighting off a horrific transformation.  As he races to stop the Hyena, he doesn’t know whether he will make it in time, or turn into a beast before he stops her path of infection.  This is a great werewolf story for this time of year.

#21: TALES FROM THE CRYPT VOLUME 1: Six classic horror stories from the Crypt keeper himself round out this must own issue.  Whether a fan of the series from years back or the comic, you are sure to get a fright or delight.  Witches and ghouls are just a few of the terrors within these pages.

#20: GHOSTRIDER WOLVERINE PUNISHER HEARTS OF DARKNESS (Marvel Comics).  I did a review of this one a few months ago, and still find that it holds up to a horrifying story.  Blackheart calling out three of the most violent anti-heroes in the Marvel universe becomes thrilling as the battle goes to hell and back.

#19: CLIVE BARKER’S THE HARROWERS RAIDERS OF THE ABYSS #2 (Epic Comics).  Anything by Clive Barker is pretty much established in the horror world.  As our group of heroes attempt to rescue some lost souls, they are met with possible failure.  Classic artwork, creepy designs, and Pinhead himself (from the Hellraiser movies) are all included.

#18: ALIENS #1-6 (Dark Horse Comics).  This is a direct spinoff sequel to the second Alien movie.  Xenomorphs are at it again, trying to replicate and dine on humans.  There is no color inside the covers of these issues but that lends to the horror feel.  Keeping it a simple black and white portrays the darkness of the movies into the pages of a great comic.

#17: CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED EDGAR ALLAN POE THE RAVEN AND OTHER STORIES. This reads more like a storybook as the text is written that way and you get approximately one piece of art per page, but it is worth it.  The character designs are creepy, yet childish in a way, yet give that awkward feel that you need as you read some of Poe’s greatest works.

#16: MIDNIGHT SONS UNLIMITED #4 (Marvel Comics). Blade really shines in these issues for the first time.  Dr. Strange, Johnny Blaze, Morbius, Ghost Rider and Blade form the Midnight Sons.  From their base in a cemetary, they attempt to track down the demons Lilith and Zarathos, but doing so will prove to be a difficult task.  The cover art drew me in to buy this when it came out twenty years ago, and I’m glad I did.  The interior art is notably colorful for a horror comic, but it is the story that really is the strongpoint.

#15: SUPERMAN AND BATMAN VS VAMPIRES AND WEREWOLVES (DC Comics).  I purchased this a few years ago as I couldn’t believe seeing it on a shelf.  The thought of vampires and werewolves is horrifying itself, but add the Batman who is a master of instilling fear, and Superman being weak to the magic that caused the horrors.  Then you get a fun, not to be taken too seriously issue.  Story lacks, but the action here is really where its at.

#14: THE WALKING DEAD VOLUME 1 DAYS GONE BY. By now, most of you are familiar with The Walking Dead from Television, but the comics are where it all began.  Zombies, zombies and more zombies litter these pages as their victims attempt to escape and survive.

#13: 30 DAYS OF NIGHT #1 (IDW).  Maybe the movie didn’t quite live up to what fans of this comic expected, but that shouldn’t keep you from checking out this issue.  If the cover itself doesn’t send a chill down your spine, then just open it up.  If you are looking for a good vampire story, then this is one to go for.

#12: HELLBOY DARKNESS CALLS (Dark Horse). Until the movies with Ron Perlman, I had only been familiar with Hellboy by name.  After my brother gave me this issue, I immediately knew why he was so popular.  Sure his actual look is a bit silly and cartoony, but everything else is pure gothic.  Loaded with action, suspense and a gripping story, it is worth a look.

#11: RUNE #1 (Malibu comics).  What?  An alien vampire that not only drinks his victims blood but eats his victims entirely?  Cursed with the deformity of what made him what he is, Rune seeks out superpowered teens in this issue only to be confronted by the government and more.  I chose this issue because of how unique the character is as well as the plot.

#10: BATMAN #524 (DC Comics).  Batman facing off against the Scarecrow.  Hmm.  Okay we’ve seen it before, but what if just about every frame in the issue made it feel as if you are the one infected by Jonathan Crane’s fear serum?  Each one is drawn slightly different so that character design continually changes making this story’s art much more interesting than its actual text.

#9: THE VICTORIAN HORRORS OF OLD MAUCH CHUNK.  If you don’t know about Mauch Chunk, then you need to do a search right now…  Okay, did you do it?  Well, anyway, living in Philadelphia and having an uncle who owns a bed and breakfast in Jim Thorpe, PA, this comic hits close to home.  Knowing the history of haunted lore from both locales, the author of this comic created a world that makes you want more.  The art is black and white, and compliments the story perfectly.  By the end of the issue you will be hoping that the author will continue making further issues.

#8: RESIDENT EVIL COLLECTION ONE (Capcom).  This is the first incarnation of comics dedicated to the Resident Evil Series.  Not much in the way of plot as compared to the games, but there is some noncanon fill in material here, that is fun for any fan.  Familar characters in dire situations escalates further as even a werewolf is brought into the mix.  Complete with lickers and more of the flesh eating undead.

#7: MARVEL ZOMBIES VS ARMY OF DARKNESS. (Marvel/Dynamite).  This is a crossover comic that got my inner geek excited.  Ash from the evil dead movies (complete with Bruce Campbell likeness) battles the entire Marvel universe as they turn into the undead.  Complete with his cheesy one liners and constant attempt to sleep with every hot female he comes into contact with, I only wish for a sequel.  Why?  Well, after Ash escapes he ends up in a new marvel universe.  Only this new universe contains a new horror that should be expanded upon.

#6: SPIDERMAN UNLIMITED #1 THE MAXIMUM CARNAGE SAGA. (Marvel).  Possibly the most popular story in the early nineties, this shows the origin of Carnage.  With Demogoblin and the doppleganger assisting in the massacre, Spidey teams up with many allies within this storyline.  Some may not consider this horror, but Carnage is the ultimate violent villain who personifies terror.  Nothing about this story happening in real life would fall short of creating mass panic and slaughter.

#5: BLACKEST NIGHT #1 (DC Comics).  Imagine all the dead heroes and villains of the universe rising again only to be controlled by the most evil force in the universe.  Sure it’s got a similar feel to Marvel Zombies, but Blackest night goes to the very ends of the universe and back as the Black Lantern corp reanimates bodies into its collective.  The decayed faces and morbid look within these pages is just as the cover depicts.

#4: ANNE RICE’S THE VAMPIRE LESTAT (Innovation Comics)Whether or not you are a fan of Anne Rice novels or not, there is no denying their popularity.  The Vampire Lestat may have been one of her weaker books, but this comic makes up for it.  The artwork is VERY detailed and interpreted well.  You have to look to believe it.

#3: LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE (sCrypt Comics).  The spinoff of my novel “Blood, The Second Helping” is complete with ten vampire stories illustrated by 8 different artists.  The variety of artwork, and additional fill in details from the novel stories, make this the single best vampire graphic novel to ever exist.

#2: ZOMBIE INCIDENTS (sCrypt Comics).  The spinoff of my novel “Flesh And Leftovers” contains ten zombie stories drawn by 9 artists.  Not only does it expand upon the universe established by the novels, but it is sCrypt Comics’ very first issue.  If you claim to be a zombie fan, and do not own a copy of this graphic novel, then you do not have a complete arsenal, as this is the best zombie comic to ever be sold.

#1: IN CASE OF WEREWOLF (sCrypt Comics).  In just under two weeks from now, this spinoff from my novel “Bones At Breakfast” will be available for purchase.  Complete with ten stories from ten different artists, and an amazing concept art page, this is the most unique and interesting werewolf graphic novel ever.

And there you have it folks.  My top 23 comics for Halloween time.  Sure, I’m a bit biased about the top three, but that goes without saying.  Hope you enjoyed the post, and if you have any of your own top comics, you should comment below.  I’m interested in seeing recommendations or what you have in your collection.  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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