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Thoughts on Comic Book movies

As I was sipping on a cup of coffee, my mind was astray.  I began thinking about the comic book movies coming out in the next few years and realized one thing.  This is only the beginning.  Some people have predicted that comic book movies will die out and become old, but I think otherwise, and this is why…  The phrase “Comic Book Movie” will become a genre of its own.  (my prediction of course)

The Avengers has set a standard, but what can it be categorized as?  Thor was a fantasy movie, Ironman was Science Fiction, Captain America was an action film, The Incredible Hulk was horror in a sense, and all of the post credits scenes were drama build ups.  So if The Avengers is all of these in one, then what is it?  That’s right, it is a Comic Book Movie, and there is no other way to say it.

So what do future CBMs have to do?  They don’t need to follow what the Avengers did.  That is when it will become old.  We don’t need a Justice League movie that is built up in the same manner (which it won’t be, because the JL movie in the works will have solo films from it as planned, but it is an example).  What we need is something fresh.  With the CW network using its Television angle, they are producing live action events with Green Arrow and Wonder Woman.  Those should cross over into the planned movie.

Whether it is on the big screen or small screen, it doesn’t matter.  The universes established by the comic book companies are huge.  They should utilize that to their advantages, instead of relying on 1 or 2 mainstream characters.

Since Spiderman 2 people have been saying comic book movies will die out.  Prove it.  The list of characters out there says that we have only scraped the surface, and we can appease to all genres of film lovers.  So bring on more CBM’s and lets learn from our past mistakes.

And just to show that I’m not a biased comic book movie person, I’ll say this.  I know plenty of people (my wife included) who wouldn’t have given comic movies the time of day with a few minor exceptions on who the character was.  Now those same people are eager to see these characters and more in major motion pictures.  Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, IDW… all of these companies and more have lots of room to work…  Now if only sCrypt would get picked up, so we could get that going as well.

What are your thoughts?  Which characters or stories would you like to see?  Personally I’d love to see an amalgamation (the pic attached to this article should tell you what I mean)


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