spreading the talent

Sick of Arguing? I’ve got a solution!

It’s coming up to election time.  I personally can’t stand politics, and I see people on both sides making uninformed comments or missing information.  What you people NEED to do is go order a copy of my argument book.  It is unbiased about lots of arguments not just politics.  It’s lighthearted, serious, and funny too.  By using humorous experiences from my own life I introduce each fact filled chapter to let you decide which half of the argument you truly agree with.  If you order by friday, enter the code “ASTOUND” at checkout and get 20% off.  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/rickpipito  Or you can also order for the kindle at www.amazon.com.  The book is called “No, It’s Not.  Yes, It Is: Arguments.”  Grab your copy now!  🙂


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