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Animal Rage Poll results!

This poll was one of the closest we’ve had so far.  Marvel comics’ Sabretooth put up an amazing fight, but in the end, it was his bloodlust and rage that caused him to make bad strategic decisions, and his healing factor will be piecing him back together for a long time.  DC comics’ Kalibak had brute strength over his other two competitors, but was a little dumber as well.  He’ll be back again someday, but since he failed to win this fight in his father’s name, Darkseid will surely punish him accordingly.

And our winner is Darius Moon from sCrypt Comics’ universe.  He has the wisdom of thousands of years, the rage of a dozen beasts, and the immortality of a vampire.  Combine this with the bite of a werewolf, and Darius walked away from this struggle, and returned to the silence of the forest.

With all of the comic con news on this blog, it seems that the voting fell short this time, but at least there was a clear result.  Next poll will be coming soon, so make sure to cast your decision on the winner, or add your own combatant.  This poll will remain open, so let’s see where it would go if there is a round two.  Thanks again for voting!

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