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Animal Rage (Poll)

Here is another installment of our comic book character battles.  Please vote for your choice below, and spread the word to vote as well.  (You can also add your own choice of character to the poll if you feel someone else is fitting.

Now, let’s get on to it.  Battling for DC comics is Kalibak – pictured above left.  In the Marvel Comics corner we have Victor Creed (aka Sabretooth) – pictured above center.  And as always, our own sCrypt comics sends Darius Moon (post experimentation) into the fray – pictured above right (art by J.C. Spence).  Let’s break it down.

Kalibak is a ruthless monster from the race of new gods.  As the son of Darkseid, he is always trying to gain favoritism over his brother.  To do so, he will kill or commit any heinous act, just to impress his father.  He has failed in the past, but it never stops him from trying again.  With superhuman strength, agility, endurance and speed as well as immortality (he has died and come back numerous times), Kalibak can tear his enemies limb from limb with ease.  First appearance was in New Gods #1 in 1971

Sabretooth is just as menacing.  Often giving in to his animalistic rages, he has been known to slaughter countless enemies, leaving them dismembered and disemboweled.  Even Wolverine has a difficult time holding ground in a battle against him and is often defeated by Victor Creed.  He murdered his own family over what began with a dispute over a piece of pie (though didn’t harm his mother).  After enlisting in the weapon X program, he became a mercenary for hire, and earned money for what he did best… killing.  With a healing factor, superhuman senses and reflexes, retractable claws, and fangs, Sabretooth is one mutant with whom you don’t want to cross paths.  First appearance was in Iron Fist #14 in 1977.

Darius Moon lived for centuries as a vampire, but eventually he was captured by the U.S. government and subjected to genetic experimentation.  They crossed traits from multiple animals into his body, which altered his appearance into a lupine like state.  It also affected him mentally.  With enhanced speed, senses, strength, a healing factor, claws and fangs, he stands almost ten feet tall and uses his size to his advantage.  As a living weapon, he has torn apart hundreds of victims, and even made some bleed out so that they could experience every last drop of life fade from them.  First appearance was in “Flesh and Leftovers” the novel.  First graphic novel appearance was in “Blood The Second Helping: Legends Of Vampire.”

There you have it folks.  Now choose who you believe would be the last man standing or add your own addition.

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