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Interview with author Rick Pipito about “No, It’s Not. Yes It Is: Arguments”

Q:       What were the challenges in writing your first non-fiction book as compared to your horror novels?

A:         It’s a different approach.  With the horror novels, the stories come to me naturally.  Sometimes in dreams, and sometimes they will just pop in there or I’ll have this crazy idea to run with.  This book was much different.  I used personal experiences from my life to make it entertaining.  Those stories were fun to recall, and make the topic of arguing a little less serious hearted.  The research was the difficult part, and writing a bibliography to go with it is ridiculous.  Thank God my mom actually helped with the sources material.

Q:        So is this not a book to be taken seriously, since you mentioned “a little less serious hearted”?

A:         I think you misunderstood.  Wait, are you starting an argument with me? <laughs jokingly>.  I want people to take a look at arguing and see how ridiculous it is.  People all the time claim that they hate arguing, but they will argue louder than anyone else.  The goal of this book is to get people to see both sides of an argument unbiasedly.  So, yes, it should be taken seriously to an extent.  My humor is just in there to prevent boredom of the reader.

Q: Where did you come up with the title?

A: Actually I can thank my daughter for that one.  When Lana had just turned three years old, she was standing in the kitchen with me and asked why I had thrown out a banana peel.  She knew the answer, but still asked.  I explained that the part you eat is inside the peel, and the peel is trash.  She said, “No it’s not.”  I responded, “Yes, It is.”  And then the conversation went in circles for another 3 minutes.  At that very moment, I knew what my title was going to be, and am so glad that Lana inspired it.


Q: What made you tackle the topics in the book?

A:         Obviously I can’t have every single argument in the world in there, but I chose ones that had hit close to home with me at some point or another.  Some others that I threw in like the Star Wars vs Star Trek argument were disputes I had heard other people getting their blood pressure up about.  I tried to choose ones that would be interesting to any audience.  And if you don’t like the chapter, then you can skip over it.  Though I recommend reading each introduction and exit from each chapter, which I explain are events in my life.  Some of those will give you a laugh.

Q:        So this book doesn’t have to be read cover to cover?

A:         Absolutely not.  Like I said, I think you’ll be missing out on some biographical material in my life, but it doesn’t need to be.  If you see a topic that you have disputed at one time or another over (whether you won the argument or not) then I highly recommend you check out what the other side might have been thinking. 

Q:        Basically, you are trying to get the reader to accept a neutral ground, then?

A:         Yes and no.  My goal is to have the reader be able to find a neutral territory to agree upon.  In no way do I want someone to give up the way they believe (unless they are arguing with me.) <laughs>  In all seriousness though people just need to stop telling others that they are wrong.  No one is wrong in most arguments.  There has to be a line of understanding for any resolution to happen.  That is what I want people to see.

Q:        I assume some of these arguments hit pretty close to home?

A:         That’s where I got the inspiration to do this book.  I myself, am very opinionated, but I listed to the other side and try to understand why someone thinks the way they do…. where they get their information…. if they’d change their mind if they had more information from a different source… etc.  I’ve always done research into topics that I will stand up for.  I want to be informed about my beliefs, so I don’t look like a horse’s ass if I try to make a point.  A lot of people won’t do that.  They get information from one source (sometimes even just a friend of theirs) and then don’t look into it further.  It’s sad, but I think more people would agree on things universally if they just took the time to research.

Q:     Would you consider your book a place to get that research?

A:     I present a lot of facts in the book, sure, but there wasn’t space to put them all.  I tried to include major points for arguing a topic.  To answer your question… yes and no.  I hope that someone who is opinionated will read what I have to say and then perhaps do more research elsewhere.  

 Q:     Are there plans to do any more nonfiction type books, or do you have something else in the works?

A:     There is always something in the works.  I’ve got plotlines written out for 5 more novels in my Flesh and Leftovers series, and am currently writing the next installment there.  The graphic novels will always be on the table as I release each of those novels as well.  Then I have a science fiction novel, which will exist in the same universe as the horror novels, but be a stand alone book (Sort of like how the Hobbit is to The Lord Of The Rings.)  But to answer your question… yes.  I actually have two more planned installments in the “No, It’s Not.  Yes, It Is” volumes.  The next one in the works will deal with Urban Legends, and the third will deal with Conspiracy theories.  I’m also co-publishing a poetry collection from myself and my wife, as well as producing a cookbook for my wife’s blog:

Q:     Wow, that’s a lot on your plate.  Where do you find the time?

A:     I don’t know.  <laughs>  I’d love to be doing it full time.  The ideas keep flowing, and I’ve got way more bouncing around in that noisy head of mine.  I’m afraid if I don’t get them all down quickly, then I may go a little insane.  Maybe I am already. <sigh>  In all seriousness though, I work full time and write a few nights a week.  The bathroom, driving in the car,  and lunchbreaks are really when I jot down or record myself saying what I’m thinking.  Any other time I am constantly in brainstorming mode.

Q:     Thank you for your time.  Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

A:   Thank you.  “No, It’s Not.  Yes, It Is: Arguments” is available in print form on .  It can also be downloaded for the Kindle at .  Thanks for all the support to my fans, and continue spreading the word.

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