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Avengers Week Post #2: Hawkeye’s Quiver

Hawkeye is sort of like the odd man out of the group, but he is as valuable a member of the Avengers as anyone else.  What makes him so special?  His skill with a bow is unmatchable.  To top things off, he has an arsenal of trick arrows in his quiver that each do something unique.  Here is a list of the arrows he has used in the comics:

Acid Arrows: Perfect for disolving a lock or burning a hole in something solid.

Adamantium Arrows: A step up from the standard arrow head, these can pierce even the toughest of metals.

Blunt Arrows: Picture firing the blunt force of a baseball bat from a bow.  That is what these do.

Bola Arrows: No one can escape by running.  These will unfold in mid air and wrap a trip wire around fleeing legs.

Boomerang Arrows: These return to the shooter

Cable Arrows: Hawkeye can swing from one place to another or walk on the tense wire fired from these arrows.

Electric Arrows: After hitting its target, the arrow heads release an electrical charge.

Boxing Glove Arrow: These act as an extension of Hawkeye’s fist.  A hit from one of these could knock a target out cold.

Exploding Arrow: It is basically a grenade on the end of an arrow shaft that explodes on contact.

Flare Arrow: In an emergency, Hawkeye can shoot this flare in the air so that his allies can find him.

Magnetic Arrows: Usually are combined with other arrowheads, but can be used on their own.

Magnesium Flare Arrows: Even brighter than a flare arrow, these can light up entire areas.

Net Arrows: In mid-air, these unleash a durable net that will wrap around a target.

Putty Arrows: These are good for gunking things up, especially machinery.

Pym Particle Arrows: Henry Pym designed these to be able to shrink or increase the size of a target upon impact.

Rocket Arrows: Have a much farther range than a standard arrow, and can be combined with other trick arrows.

Smoke Arrows: Great for a quick escape or confusing a group of people.

Sonic Arrows: emit a high frequency sound that can shatter glass and make ear drums bleed.

Suction Cup Arrows: These are not from a kid’s toy, but they have a similar purpose.  It can be combined with any of the other arrows as well.

Tear Gas Arrows: exactly what they say they are.  Upon impact, tear gas is released.  Anyone near it will have some serious seeing and breathing issues for a while.

Thermal Arrows: These can be so hot that they melt metal, but also can be explosive heat as well.

Vibranium Arrows: Deaden vibrations on a particular target, or can reduce the kinetic energy of something.


In addition to these arrows, he of course has the standard durable arrows with multiple size, razor sharp heads.  If there are any others you can think of, please comment below.  Hawkeye (Clint Barton) is played by Jeremy Renner in the Avengers movie.

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