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Music and Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of the central characters os of the DC Comics universe, and what better way to show appreciation than to mention him in song.  Below are a list of songs about more than just one Green Lantern.  If you know of any others, please mention them in the comments below.

In Brightest Day by Gary Mitchell: This song has a feel like it should be the end credits to a movie or a live action TV series.  Catchy tune.

Green Lantern Remix by Blue Harvest:  If you can find this one, which I can not find a link, please post it here.  This song is all about the Green Lanterns, and specifically mentions Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart.

Green Lantern by Evenrude: Another song I had trouble finding a link to.  The lyrics are sort of confusing.  It’s obviously about a girl, but other than the title and the chorus, there really isn’t much else GL related.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan by J-Sin Starr: Beginning with the classic cartoon intro, it goes into a laid back verse and rocking chorus.

Green Lantern The Animated Series Theme Song: This is Bruce Timm’s latest crack at DC animation, and so far so good.  I’ve found it enjoyable, and my son loves it.  Here is the theme song

Green Lantern First Flight Theme Song: This was the first Green Lantern Animated movie done a few years back.

Green Lantern Emerald Knights Theme Song: Similar in orchestral arrangement, this is the second animated movie based on the character.

Green Lantern Movie Theme: For the Live action movie starring Ryan Reynolds.

Green Lantern by The Mutton Birds:  This New Zealand band created a song that I could see in a credits to TV show.

Sector 2814 by The Roy Clark Method: This song is about Hal Jordan’s fall after the Reign of the Supermen story.

Ring Capacity by Ring Capacity:  This band definitely consists of a bunch of nerds, but the song and video are pretty sweet.

DJ Green Lantern: From Rochester New York, this hip hop DJ named himself after wearing a green hoodie and the insignia.

Green Lantern 1967 intro: There were only one or two of these made for the Aquaman/Superman hour in the late 60s.  Green Lantern got his own proper intro.

So there you have it folks, a few given ones, but perhaps a few you’ve never heard either.  Hope you enjoy!


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