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Speculation and Wishful Thinking Part 2: DC Comics Live Action

Yesterday’s article focused on Marvel Comics’ live action adaptations that either are in the works, in development hell, or are rumored.  Today, I will do the same for DC comics.  There are many great characters in the DC Comics universe.  Although I always enjoy what they release, it seems they are afraid to go past Batman and Superman as their mainstays.  So what about all of the other movies talked about, and live action series?  I will list below what I’d like to see in these incarnations, based on the information that exists and rumors out there.  Keep in mind that this is what I WANT… it ISN’T Actually what will happen, unless someone makes it so…

Man Of Steel: Superman will duke it out with General Zod and Faora, we know that.  What I’d like to see is this.  We know that the military will have a major role in this movie.  There are many rumors.  They don’t know where superman stands, and this is a problem.  What if they create Metallo?  Use John Corben as a pawn (btw the goverment being funded by Lex Luthor to do this would be perfect).  Metallo is a secondary villain that will help Superman take on the other Kryptonians, but then turn on the Man of Steel for a final showdown between the two.  In the process?  Superman is wounded, and the government gets a sample of his blood.  Hint hint… Lex Luthor funds research into cloning Superman for the next movie.  Bizarro will finally get a good on screen appearance.

BATMAN 4: What comes after the Dark Knight Rises?  Do Robin Justice as the animated series in the 1990s did.  It will be a new cast, and should have new villains.  Okay, maybe have the Riddler or Penguin as the main antagonist, but What about the Mad Hatter or Clayface?  A Hush storyline would be even more wanted especially with the last decade of fans reading comics.  Give them a role at least like the one Cillian Murphy had as the Scarecrow.

Green Lantern 2: Look, the first movie wasnt bad.  There were some errors, and relied on a lot of CGI, but all in all, it was a popcorn origin flick.  Sinestro has become the villain as alluded to at the end of GL.  Have the fear of Parallax residual in Hal Jordan, and since he is incapable of doing much, bring in one of the other Green Lanterns that were human.  After all, we have: Kyle Raynor, Jon Stewart, Alan Scott, and Guy Gardner.  Not to mention that Carol Ferris should become the Star Sapphire at the end, leading into part 3.

Arrow: Green Arrow will get a series much like Smallville on the WB.  He MUST have the goatee.  I liked Justin Harley’s portrayal, but have this Oliver Queen a bit more rough and tough.  Black Canary is in it and so are Speedy (the female version) and Merlyn.  I realize Merlyn will probably be the main antagonist throughout the series, but cameos by outside heroes and villains would do well.  I’d love to see the Question pop in there or another secondary character.

Batman vs Superman: I know a World’s Finest Film would be amazing, but really after all this time I just want to see a Justice League movie.  If this is the way they pave into a JL film, then fine, otherwise I say keep it on the back burner.

Justice League:  Ah, the film that is on again off again.  The Justice League movie should be built up to, much like Marvel did with Avengers.  Darkseid and apokolips as the antagonist of the story would be amazingly wicked.

Flash: Supposedly this is the next movie on the list after Bats and Supes.  To me, Barry Allen is a much more interesting FLash as far as story goes, but Wally West’s personality makes me like him just as much.  I’d love to see a Barry Allen Flash movie that maybe has a cameo by Jay Garrick, that a young preFlash Wally West is in.  There are plenty of villains ala Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Gorilla Grodd that would be cool on screen.  Grodd may not work because it would be seen as a Planet of the Apes rip off, but nonetheless, there is material to work with.

Hawkman: I could see this as a movie on the planet Thandagar.  Have a full Hawkman Hawkgirl story there and end it with them on earth.  At one time this was in the works and I haven’t heard much about it, but still would love to see happen.

Golden Age Heroes:  Clint Eastwood was attached, but I doubt it is happening anymore, as I haven’t heard anything in over a year.  A group of elderly superheroes?  Why the hell not?  I’ll bet it would attract audiences, and you could use the old Justice Society heroes.  Spectre, Sandman, Doctor Fate, etc etc…  Them coming out of retirement to fight someone who they used to battle, but never ages (Vandal Savage) could be an epic movie.

Wonder Woman: First off, get someone who looks and acts the part.  Megan Fox is hot, yes… until she opens her mouth, and then I want to pull my face off.  You need a woman with an athletic build, that can act, and who has naturally blue eyes and dark hair.  The tv pilot that came out last year failed before it started because they changed everything.  I don’t get why this hasn’t happened yet.  Most of the movie could take place on Themyscara.  Women would see it because Wonder Woman has always been a female icon.  Men would see it because who doesn’t want to see a bunch of barely clothed women covered in battle sweat.  There can be a whole plot here to make a point about society without getting too political or crossing lines.  Ares as the villain comes to mind first.

Smallville Season 11: I know this isn’t live action, but my wife and I watched this show every time it came on, since the beginning of our relationship.  They are continuing the saga in comic book form now, and all I ask is that they stay true to what they were doing.  The characters were great, and there were a lot of errors.  The comic book continuation of this can correct all of that… ahem ahem… Lana Lang being a superkryptonite freak.

I’m sure there are more, but this is what I have heard or seen talk of in the past few years.  Please feel free to add to this list or dispute it as well in the comments below.  Are there any DC characters or stories you want to see on screen?



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