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Total Speculation and Wishful Thinking for Live action Marvel Movies.

With all of the hype about the upcoming Marvel Movie slate, we have been subjected to lots of news, some confirmations, some allusions, and loads of rumors.  I’ve been reading closely all of these, and by using all of the above, I am going to present what I would do at this point (or at least what I am hoping for).

AVENGERS: Loki is somehow controlling the Chitauri.  That is the alien race confirmed by Joss Whedon.  In Loki’s staff in the trailers, we see a blue gem.  There have also been sightings of the infinity guantlet at comic cons around the world.  Could it be possible, that by summoning the Chitauri to earth, Loki has somehow alerted Thanos to our presence?  This would be a great cameo at the end and leave it open for Avengers 2.  Also, with the Chitauri, they could include a nod to Beta Ray Bill.  They don’t have to feature him, but perhaps show or say something alluding to him.  An extra scene was filmed the other day.  Could it be post credits?  If so, it has been known that Edgar Wright has had an Antman movie in development for years.  Could the Avengers, in post credits, be meeting with an already actor casted Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne?  Maybe Antman and The Wasp are developing something called “Ultron”.

THOR 2: Loki is confirmed as a secondary villain.  Maybe he is banished after the Avengers, and left in the hands of Enchantress and Executioner.  Perhaps the three team up to vow revenge.  Thor will have his work cut out for him, especially with his relationship with Jane.  He will need help, and if the Avengers movie nods to Beta Ray Bill, he could be brought in to assist in the fray.

Captain America 2: Kevin Feige has been avoiding questions, but never said no to certain things.  Flashbacks to WW2 would show how Bucky survived the fall.  Baron Zemo could have resussitated him to become the Winter Soldier in modern day.  Cap had a sidekick in the comics, and aside from Bucky, the Falcon was in a long series of comics.  Captain America and Falcon take on Winter Soldier with Baron Zemo and Hydra.  Bucky finally realizes what is going on and ends up back on the side of Cap to help defeat Hydra.

Ironman 3: Ben Kingsley being cast as an unknown villain?  Feige believes that the Mandarin is an outdated character, but could it be that they just gave him a makeover?  Following loosely, the Extremis storyline, Mandarin (played by Kingsley) develops a tech virus and rings that will be more than a match for Ironman.  War Machine returns for a team up, and a great ending to the IM trilogy.

Antman: Remember that hopeful end credits scene in Avengers?  Ultron develops into something of a threat.  As it tries to take over the earth, Antman and Wasp work hard to defeat the machine they created.  Hank even has to change into Giantman at the end to defeat the machine.

Avengers 2: Thanos and the Infinity Gems.  Enough said!!

Other Speculations: I know they are separate studios, but really, if DC and Marvel have teamed up in the past, why can’t the studios put aside some differences?  Bring in Andrew Garfield and Hugh Jackman as cameos in future Marvel movies.  And while we are at it, since they are doing a “Fantastic Four Reborn”, then why not have all in one basket.  I realize this would be too much for a two to three hour movie, but cameos are inexpensive and easy to use as cross studio promotions.

Aside from the fact that we need the explanation about Nick Fury’s triple scar on his eye.  Wolverine and him in Japan during Wolverine 2 could explain this well.  Of course with this movie, we are most likely going to see Logan face off against Silver Samaurai.  I think that is all this movie needs.  I enjoyed Wolverine 1, but there is no need for all of the other mutants.  A cameo by Fury is wanted though.

As I said above, this is just what I’d like to see in these movies.  I don’t want to see any redos.  Sure, I’m excited for The Amazing Spiderman, but I really am uninterested in seeing duplicate villains.  Green Goblin has been done, so please Sony, don’t use him again.  There is always Protogoblin, Hobgoblin and Demogoblin as well as Jack O Lantern if you really want a villain like that.  Norman Osborne is okay, but don’t have him be goblin.  Bring in some more classic villains ala Electro and lead into a sinister six film with a Spidey, Black Cat team up.

X-Men First Class 2 and 3 and X-Men 4: It is time.  Magneto and Charles are not quite enemies, and we know even though they have different paths, this is a relationship that was always complicated.  Force them to team up against Mr. Sinister, and lead into what would be a time travel epic with part 3.  Xmen first class 3 would be clear up some of the loose ends from X-3.  Explain the lack of Cyclops’ body in X-men last stand as Cable coming in to save him at the last minute because a dark future is ahead.  To fix it, they must travel to the past to take on Apocalypse.  Sinister from XFC2 would lead into the Apocalypse saga.  Then after they defeat Apocalypse, the future could change.  They could then make a fourth Xmen movie entitled “X4ce” (X-force).  This would tie up the rest of the loose ends from X-3 and how all of the lost powers didn’t remain gone.  It could be a brand new cast with the exception of Angel back as Archangel.  Storyline?  Days Of Future Past.  A sentinel overload.

Deadpool: DO IT!  Make it rated R, otherwise it won’t work.  Explain the abomination deadpool in the wolverine movie as just a clone or something.  Just make it bloody, and him insane crazy…  Ryan Reynolds works for this, no matter what anyone says.  Get it done already, and do it right.  I have no idea who to use as an antagonist, but really we all want to see deadpool for what he is….  Oh, and yes, he must break the 4th wall and interact with the audience as if he is talking to them at times.

Fantastic Four Reborn: Who knows what is happening with this at the moment, but I think the Mole man needs some love.  Doctor Doom is one of my favorites, but we’ve seen him.  Do something new.

Venom:  There is still talk of a Venom movie.  Make Carnage the villain and keep it separate from the rest of the Marvel Universe other than a mention of Peter Parker or something along those lines.

Ghost Rider 3: Dan Ketch takes over.  Johnny Blaze is made a secondary, and a fresh take on GR can begin.

Daredevil 2:  This may be a reboot and may never happen, but I enjoyed the previous incarnation.  New cast, Kingpin is back, and another villain under Kingpin’s wing… perhaps the Rose?

Punisher series:  There is a series in development for TV.  More comic villains.  A more realistic take on Hammerhead, and mob villains.

Hulk series:  This is also being developed.  Not sure what I want from this.  I love the Hulk, but I don’t see how they can do this with a TV budget.  Please, all I ask is that they get it right and have Mark Ruffalo as Banner again.

Doctor Strange: It’s bound to happen.  Just do it now!  He has an amazing back story and it would be something fresh for audiences.  Obviously it would be an origin story, but there are plenty of elements to pull from for plot.

Black Panther: Again, another good character rumored to be in the works.  I don’t know if his story would need to have any supervillains.  His origin and who he is could be done in a very realistic setting and in the end have him meeting Steve Rogers for a future Avengers movie.

Powerman:  Okay, look… Luke Cage is awesome, BUUUUTTT…. I really think this would be better as a Heroes For Hire Movie… you could have a throwback to classic humor buddy cop movies and Iron Fist and Powerman would be that pairing.  THAT I’d love to see.

Those I’ve listed include all the rumors I’ve heard, and my wishes for the path to take….  Do you have something different you’d like to see?  If so, comment below… also, are there other movies/series you’d love to see Marvel make?  I’ll do this for DC as well in a soon to come post.

3 responses

  1. DP

    Hey did you forget Blade? is it the R rating, the gore, I think not come on comic movies lets see movies for adults blood shed, per character that promotes,. Marvel nights you do an ok job Punisher 2 was great totally understated director. I give her two thumbs Way up, you can make our comic into a movie any day. I’m just saying’ I love comics and the movies to elaborate on the characters. bring blade back in all of his bloody glory let rating not destroy our comic characters

    April 14, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    • Whereas I loved the Blade movies, and even the series that followed, I don’t believe there are any plans to revisit the franchise or start anew. You are right though, I’d love to see a Midnight Sons movie with Blade, Venom, Ghostrider, Johnny Blaze, and more, though I don’t think that will ever happen, we can always hope. 🙂

      April 14, 2012 at 7:35 pm

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