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Crime Boss Poll

It’s time to find out who’s the toughest organized crime boss.  Marvel Comics has the Kingpin (pictured above left).  DC Comics brings us The Penguin (pictured above right).  And sCrypt Comics has the don DiAmico (no picture exists as he is only in the novels at this point).  We will talk about each of them, and then you decide by casting your vote in the poll below.  Feel free to add another crime boss that you feel would be a great addition to this battle.

Wilson Fisk was picked on as a child for being overweight.  He conditioned his body with rigorous work outs to be able to fight back.  His body has an incredible mass of muscle that is masked by his massive size.  Once he was able to stand up for himself, he began organizing gangs to do his bidding, and soon worked his way into the mob.  Eventually, he killed the mob boss and became the most organized crime lord in the Marvel Universe.  He is strong enough to tear a man apart with his bare hands, literally.  As a precaution, he wears kevlar under his attire, and his walking cane has a hidden laser within its top.  Wealth and henchmen surround him at all times, making his empire an almost unstoppable force.  First appearance was in The Amazing Spiderman #50 in 1967.

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot earned the nickname the Penguin, while being teased as a child.  His short, overweight stature and beak like nose were just extra fodder for the bullies, while his mother made him carry an umbrella in case it rained.  After the passing of his mother, he trained her birds as his only friends.  His inheritance allowed him to begin a life of crime and appear as a gentleman.  When even the criminal world saw him as a joke, he decided that he would make his mark.  With an arsenal of umbrellas (each with their own unique weaponry), he killed a crime boss and took control of the gang.  He has run everything from smuggling rings, to extortion, to planning crimes for his own personal gain.  With henchmen always at the ready to do what he commands, and his self trained hand to hand combat expertise, he is not someone you want to cross paths with.  First appearance was in Detective Comics #58 in 1941.

The don, Michael DiAmico, was born and raised within the mob circuit.  Eventually he rose to become the second hand man, but killed his superior in order to take control of the empire.  He is highly jealous to the point where he killed one of his close friends in front of the man’s wife and child.  This was all because the man made some slight flirting with DiAmico’s wife.  His choice of weapon is something blunt like a baseball bat or golf club.  When he becomes enraged, he wants his victims to feel pain as they die.  The empire he runs is in the late 1920s, but has influences all through Chicago and surrounding cities.  He is involved in all forms of organized crime, and the fortune he has attained makes him nearly unstoppable.  Finding the don would be difficult, but getting through his Italian mob would be suicide.  First appearance was in the novel “Blood, The Second Helping.” 


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