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Music And The Avengers

Last time we talked about the Justice League and the influence they have had on the music industry.  This installment brings the Avengers to the limelight.  The Avengers debuted in the early 1960s and have been fighting to protect Earth, other dimensions, and universes ever since.  With their first big screen movie coming up this spring, I’m sure we’ll get more musical inspirations.  Until then, here is the current list I’ve found through a bit of research.  If you can think of any others please mention them below (even if they are original creations by you or someone you know).  Keep in mind that this list is only about the Avengers as a team, and doesn’t single out any particular hero in general.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Heroes: by the Tearjerkers, this song fits in with the time that it was released.  It mentions more than jus the Avengers, but they are mentioned nonetheless.  Take a listen:

Avengers United They Stand Theme Song: In the 1990s, there was an animated Avengers show that only lasted 13 episodes.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but almost forgot this theme song.

Okay Go: This was the song used in the boss fights of the arcade game Captain America And The Avengers.  Man I miss this game.

Level intro song for Captain America And The Avengers Arcade Game:  Another from that game:

Ultimate Avengers animated movie: This is the title intro song for this Ultimates  animation:

Avengers in Galactic Storm: This was an arcade game, that I was unaware ever existed.  It’s a bit dated, and this is the best I could do as far as the soundtrack.

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