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You don’t need Superbowl Commercials if you have Deadpool!

Issue: Cable and Deadpool Volume 1-36

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Year: 2007  Page Count: 22

Reviewed by Rick Pipito for storyline and plot progression. (be warned, there are spoilers below)

Since I found the Superbowl commercials this past Sunday to be lacking in the humor department, with a few exceptions, I decided to do a special review.  The character of Deadpool has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  He is certifiably insane, but badass at the same time.  The “Merc with the Mouth” has a unique and amusing ability as well.  Aside from his normal arsenal and abilities, he is the only character that can break the fourth wall.  This means that he knows he is a comic book character and that we are reading him in the pages.

This issue begins with Deadpool (Wade Wilson) in the offices of Marvel Comics.  He is demanding to see the man in charge.  Why, you ask?  Wade believes that the Marvel writers have given him the shaft as well as many secondary characters after the events of the “Civil War” storyline.  To prove himself the best that there is, he wants a one on one fight with Taskmaster.  His choice opponent has a great ability as well.  Taskmaster can copy the combat skills of any opponent putting them basically on even fighting ground; Only after he copies their ability, he retains it in his memory.  The Marvel executives are the only ones who know where this other master mercenary can be located. 

I think this was a great intro.  It showed how Wade is just in his own world mentally.  As one of Marvel’s employees talks to him, he is ranting about pictures on the wall.  Definitely a laugh.  Now here is the downside for me.  I grew up knowing Deadpool as a merc with no problem killing.  Apparently Cable had come in at one point and implanted a microchip inside Wilson to give him a conscience when it came to killing. 

When he finally finds and frees Taskmaster from his prison, a battle ensues.  The good news is that Deadpool is so insane, that he doesn’t even care if he is still capable of killing or not.  Taskmaster cuts him open, but with Wilson’s healing ability, he just keeps going and mocking his enemy.  Oh, and did I mention that Wade is handcuffed through the entire battle?

I don’t want to spoil how he does it, but Deadpool actually takes down Taskmaster fairly easy in the end.  The whole fight was fantastic.  It really showcased Wilson for how nuts he truly is.  Here is the even more amusing part.  Wilson has had a few world leaders kidnapped and forced to watch the mercenary duel.  He has shown his skill in winning, but the whole charade only angers the leaders.  While Deadpool speaks, he basically sets himself up for mockery; though a few are still impressed.

Score one for Deadpool.  His goal was semi accomplished as he feels he has proven his worth.  The issue goes out with a bang just as it began with some more humorous dialogue between Wade, Taskmaster, and a helper of Wade’s. 

On a scale of one to ten I give this issue a nine for its humor and action.   

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