The works of Award winning author, Rick Pipito, and more

Eden’s Order Trilogy

Available in print for $24.99 at

All three novels are available separately for the Kindle for $3.99 each at .  The extras in the Eden’s Order trilogy are also available at the same link for $2.99 to complete your download collection!

This collection of books 1 through 3 of the Flesh and Leftovers saga, as well as the novelized versions of the graphic novel counterparts, three new stories, and a timeline, is written by Rick Pipito; cover art by Dan Pipito

The first three novels in one of the most intruiging horror series are now together in the Eden’s Order Trilogy. In FLESH AND LEFTOVERS Gordon Lightcap and Moira Donatelli recruit survivors of zombie incidents in preparation for something much more sinister.

BLOOD, THE SECOND HELPING takes the two on separate paths. Gordon seeks answers, assisted by an old flame. As they scour the globe in search of vampire legends, Moira has aligned herself with Cain, but her goals are in question. 

BONES AT BREAKFAST places Gordon and Moira reluctantly working for the Russian military. Cases of werewolf activity become obstacles in stopping Cain from finding the Garden of Eden.   

ZOMBIE INCIDENTS is the short story spinoff from book 1

LEGENDS OF VAMPIRE is the short story spinoff from book 2

IN CASE OF WEREWOLF is the short story spinoff from book 3


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