spreading the talent

Bones At Breakfast

Available in softback for $7.99 at www.lulu.com

For the Kindle, it is available for $3.99 at www.amazon.com

Book 3 of the Flesh And Leftovers Saga written by Rick Pipito; Cover art by Dan Pipito

Days after the events in “Blood, The Second Helping,” Gordon Lightcap and his team are caught in an uneasy alliance. By working alongside Russian General, Alexander Putski, they hope to stop the forces that Cain left in his wake. Unbeknownst to them however, is the fact that Cain is still alive. In his new form, he is an even greater threat than before and one step closer to his goal. Take a walk through ten short stories of the bone cracking, werewolf madness that will set the stage in this third entry to the “Flesh and Leftovers” saga.


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