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Novel – Blood, The Second Helping

Available in softback for $7.99 at

For the Kindle, it is available for $3.99 at

Book 2 of the Eternal Hunger Saga written by Rick Pipito; cover art by Dan Pipito.

There are many legends surrounding vampires. Their weaknesses, strengths, and abilities are just a few of the debates that exist for the blood craving undead. Now you can discover the origins of these legends as well as the mark that vampires have left on history. Gordon Lightcap and his group of unique specialists race against time to stop the coming apocalypse. Cain, the world’s first vampire, and his House of Twelve, have waited an eternity to put this world changing plan into motion. At the center of these two sides is one woman with two identities. Her human persona of Moira Donatelli, has left clues to assist Gordon in his quest, while her vampire identity, Lilith the Deceiver, has helped Cain back to power. Both men must fight for their survival as well as the woman they love. Discover which side will survive through ten short stories of blood draining lore. Each legend contains its own unique perspective that will appeal to any vampire fan and make the reader desire a second helping of blood.


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