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novel – Flesh And Leftovers

Available in softback for $7.99 at

For the Kindle, it is available at for $.99

Book 1 in the Eternal Hunger Saga written by Rick Pipito; cover art by Dan Pipito.

  Many have pondered the questions surrounding the fascination with the undead. Here is your chance to find those answers. Gordon Lightcap and his partner, Moira Donatelli, have created an organization to rid the world of a rising threat, but to better understand that threat they must look back into the horrific events leading up to their current predicament. Join them as they search for the answers through ten short stories of flesh devouring madness. Learn about the very first incident in history and others to discover an even more dangerous foe who is ready to surface. Each incident is a different take on the undead lore that will appeal to any zombie fan and keep the reader begging for more flesh and leftovers.

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